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Web Design

With your input all along the way we'll design a one of a kind, mobile ready site from scratch that matches your business ideals and marketing strategy

E-Commerce Integration

Seamlessly integrate an online shopping experience, booking form, or paid content into your site.


I will initate a robust long term SEO plan to get help get your site on page one, and help give you content ideas to further solidify your site's SEO.

Blog Engine

Maintaining a regular a blog not only gives your users and potential customers additional and much appreciated educational content, but drives extra traffic and gives an extra SEO boost that can give you that edge.


Building your site in Wordpress allows you to update the site on your own. If you want to make a small change in your about page, or update a section, you can do it yourself!

React App

I can also build your site as a React Application. It has significant speed benefits over Wordpress, is more economical to run, and is extremely flexible, powerful and scalable. Although it requires a developer to make changes/update content.

About Me

Hello. My name is Tom.

I am a web designer and developer based in Kilkenny, Ireland specialising in Wordpress and React development.

I enjoy good coffee, photography and creating things (like websites). Oh and I also play the saxophone.

Learn More About Me

The Process


At the start of the process we'll get to know each other, and I can start to get an idea for what your needs are in a practical sense, and also what your ideas are from a design perspective. We'll also go over some important decisions that need to be made from the start.

Mock Up

I'll go ahead then and come up with a rough draft of the design, including the mobile version, and we can discuss and revise it until you give the go ahead!


Depending on if you chose Wordpress or React, I'll start development. Including adding in your e-commerce solution or booking system if relevant. You'll get regular check-ins from me, and I'll be asking you for input along the way.


All of my packages include zoom training sessions to help you understand more about all this. How to upload a blog, how to edit content (if using Wordpress), what on earth is SEO, and advice on text content you'll be creating.


Many of my packages include robust initial search engine optimisation - in other words, how we'll get your site on page one of Google. I'll be implementing this fully once the site is launched, although a long term SEO campaign is the most effective way to ensure we make it through Google's algorithms.


Finally, we'll do one more minor revision and launch the site! We can include some extra Google Ads and Facebook targeted adds to help with driving initial traffic.

Who I Work With

Small business owners in all sectors




GP Practices

Life & Career Coaches

Education Consultants

Coffee Shops & Cafes